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Designed for use in small delis, meat shops, small grocery stores and restaurants.



FINISH: Gray Powder Coat.
SWITCH: Toggle, standard, 2 HP rated, placed conveniently in front.
SWITCH AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Manual push button type, waterproof magnetic type.
BASE STRUCTURE: Steel plate, electric welded.
HEAD AND DOOR HINGED: Entire assembly removable.
BLADE GUIDE: Upper guide assembly removable. Steel guide with long life carbide back-up insert
SAFETY END CUT PUSHER PLATE: Standard, removable.
DRIVE: Non slip V-belt silent.
PLATTER: All stainless steel, held in place with two push pull hold down rods.
MEAT CARRIAGE: All stainless steel, with nylon guides removable thumb guard.
CATCH PAN: Extra deep, rounded corners. Pan sealed off from other parts of base.
CLEANING UNIT: Long life carbide blades steel saw cleaners, removable as a unit for easy cleaning (assembly also adjusted as a unit).
BEARINGS: Heavy duty roller bearings used in upper wheel and lower bearing housings.
WHEELS: 10" semi steel, chrome nickel plating: upper wheel assembly fins out.
LEGS: Straight, non adjustable.
MOTOR COMPARTMENT: Sealed off from meat contact areas, easily accessible through removable panel door.
BLADE TENSION AND ADJUSTMENT: Ratchet gear, cam control embodying pound tested spring, correct tension automatically assured.
MEAT GAUGE PLATE: Adjustable from 1/16" (1.59 mm) to 6 1/2"(165 mm), locks In position, can be thrown out of gear, entire assembly removable for cleaning.
BLADE: 4 point, 5/8" wide, .020" thick, 78" long.
BLADE ADJUSTMENT: 3 1/2" travel.
Note: If NSF. is required, you must specify it.
Extra cost for NSF. requirements.
WEIGHT: Uncrated 256 Ibs. (116 KG), approximately
Crated 314 Ibs. (142 KG), approximately.


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Last Update: 10/01/08